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Dear attendees of the Texas Austin event,

We would like to express our heartfelt gratitude for joining us at this year's event. Your presence made a significant impact, and we hope that you found the experience informative and enjoyable.

We value your opinion greatly, and your feedback will help us improve future events. We kindly request you to take a few moments to complete the feedback form attached below. Your insights, suggestions, and comments are crucial in ensuring that we continue to meet your expectations and provide an exceptional experience for all our attendees.

Thank you once again for participating in the Texas Austin event. We appreciate your time and input, and we look forward to welcoming you again in the future.

Please submit the feedback form so we can make eClimbSummit events even better in the future.


Carbon6 is the all-in-one Amazon growth platform, built to simplify success for brand owners and operators around the world. The company’s suite of software tools has been developed by the brightest minds in the industry to help businesses achieve their goals through advanced tools and expertise. From listing optimization to reimbursement and recovery services to cutting-edge PPC and inventory software, Carbon6 has everything online businesses need to drive revenue, recover costs, and operate efficiently.

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DG1 is an innovative AI-driven company that offers a comprehensive all-in-one platform, revolutionizing AI Voice-Controlled Web & Ecommerce solutions, to empower businesses in the digital landscape, changing how SMEs are using the web to grow, cutting their costs, and bringing online opportunities closer to them.




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Established in 2009 as a standalone platform, Flippa specializes in selling online businesses, including content sites, SaaS, eCommerce businesses, and apps. By 2015, it had traded over $140 million. Known for significant transactions like the $35 million sale of a Singapore-based app portfolio and the $1.2 million domain sale of planetrx.com, Flippa has a history of major deals, including Facemash and shipyourenemiesglitter.com. The platform expanded by acquiring Domain Holdings in 2015 and launching ALTS by Flippa in 2022, focusing on alternative asset investing.

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8fig propels eCommerce businesses into their next growth phase. Specializing in growth and funding solutions specifically tailored for online retailers, they are the go-to partner for businesses looking to scale up in the digital marketplace. With 8fig's expertise, e-commerce ventures can unlock new opportunities and soar to unprecedented heights in a competitive online landscape.

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Movley, established by veteran sellers, redefines quality control with a touch of innovation for marketplace brands. Their intuitive software effortlessly automates the process, connecting you with top-tier inspectors and labs. This ensures your products consistently meet exceptional standards, freeing you to concentrate on expanding your brand. Trust Movley to elevate your quality control, guaranteeing peace of mind and customer satisfaction.

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Based in Austin, Texas, Upper Echelon Products is a dynamic, data-driven consumer products company excelling in eCommerce marketplaces. They are the exclusive creators and suppliers of a diverse range of innovative products, including the notable Repel® umbrellas, Everlasting Comfort® cushions, and Café Du Chateau® French presses, among others. With a focus on quality and customer satisfaction, Upper Echelon Products stands out in delivering practical and stylish solutions for everyday needs.

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